First news of the Ferrer-Salat/Liceu Conservatory 2023-2024 scholarships

The XIII Ferrer-Salat Scholarship Concert was held on April 27th at the Auditorium of the Liceu Conservatory. We enjoyed the talent and interpretative excellence of the scholarship students from the previous call before learning the names of the winners of the new four-year and one-year excellence scholarships.

In their opening speeches, Sergi Ferrer-Salat, President of the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation and President of the Liceu Conservatory Foundation, and Maria Serrat, Executive Director of the Liceu Conservatory Foundation, praised the previous experience and success of these scholarship calls, this year with a total of 257 candidates.

Thanks to the Foundation’s involvement, we have been able to increase the number of scholarships awarded, with 15 four-year grants and 20 one-year grants, the latter for students displaying a standard of excellence during the past academic year. Maria Serrat opened the ceremony with this good news and recalled the Liceu Conservatory’s strong commitment to helping these young students not only to grow as musicians but also as human beings.

While addressing the audience, but especially the musicians, Sergi Ferrer-Salat underlined the importance of becoming aware of two key aspects: first, to internalise how extraordinarily privileged and fortunate they are to have been born with a talent and to live in a social environment that gives them the opportunity to flourish, while other young people excelling in artistic disciplines are constrained due to great socioeconomic inequalities, and second, to do their best to become great musicians, but also activists that make a difference beyond the stage and become involved in their communities to help create a more equal and fairer society through music.

The concert featured performances by Alba Valdivieso (soprano) and Claudia Moreno (harp), Erney Acosta and Jannai Torné (two pianos), Gerard Pujol (euphonium) and Daniel Evangelisti (piano), the students of the Camerata Conservatori Liceu and, closing the concert with jazz repertoire, Eva Verde (vocals), Sala Lilu Martín de Armas (vocals), Elsa Armengou (trumpet), David Padilla (alto saxophone), Alesander Peña (electric guitar), Ot Granados (double bass) and Pau Serra (drums).

At the end of the concert, Victor Estapé, Academic Director of the Centre Superior, announced the winners of the four-year scholarships on behalf of the jury to study the degree in Music at the Centre Superior of the Liceu Conservatory, which for the next edition have been awarded to:

Claudia Alonso (clarinet), Magí Capdevila (composition), Néstor Díez (piano), Diego Elía (violin), Candela Elía (piano), Jana Gallifa (jazz piano), Pau Garcia Noguera (jazz piano), Oriol Martínez Floro (saxophone), Pol Mendoza (cello), Maria Molina (vocals), Koldo Munné (jazz saxophone), Miguel Pascual (piano), Perot Rigau (trombone), Miranda Beatriz Rodríguez (violin) and Alberto Villaescusa (piano).

And the winners of the one-year excellence scholarships are:

Àngela Bel (French horn), Pau Camero (vocals), Ariadna Cornadó (transverse flute), Carlos Coronado (flamenco guitar), Manuel del Horno (viola), Clara Enrich (vocals), Marta Esteban (vocals), Felipe Andrés González (composition), Roser Julià (violin), Oriana Larisa Kemelmajer (piano), Pere Malagelada (electric guitar), Ada Masó (transverse flute), Jordi Pérez (cello), Marina Prat (viola), Cala Quintero (electric bass), Miguel Ramos (jazz piano), Israel Román (oboe), Joan Rosal (piano), Ivan Sharapov (piano) and Maria Solé (piano).

Once again, the partnership between the Foundation and the Liceu Conservatory becomes stronger thanks to this project, which was launched in 2010 to generate equal opportunities by providing access of young talents to higher music studies, under the belief that music is a key element in people’s education and, therefore, a cornerstone of social progress.

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