Extraordinary talent at the Liceu Junior Concert

Liceu Júnior Concert

The 2021-2022 Liceu Junior Concert took place on March 26th at the Liceu Conservatory Auditorium, where we enjoyed the great talent of exceptional young musicians from all over Spain.

The Liceu Junior Scholarships are aimed at young students between the ages of 8 and 16 and are awarded by the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation in a joint effort with the Liceu Conservatory Foundation, so that the great musicians of the future receive the best training throughout their career thanks to patronage.

The Liceu Junior Scholarships are a preparation program for higher education that, for now, is open to piano and violin candidates in the field of classical and contemporary music.

This year, the following scholarship recipients delighted the audience with their piano repertoire: Alberto Villaescusa, Marc Ferrando, Cristina Aracil, Norah Wanton, Guillermo Ramírez and Alexis Pérez Arrua; and the following with their violin repertoire: Sofia Guillamon, Joana Santandreu, Joana Espar, Cecilia Novella, Enric Mollà and Claudia López.
We would like to congratulate these great future musicians for their talent, merit and for the sacrifices involved in reaching this level of excellence. The Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation is proud to contribute to their development as musicians and, above all, as human beings.

Our goal is to contribute to the equality of opportunities and to make this level of training available to talented young musicians, so that in the future they share their art with the audience, but also disseminate the great transformative and cohesive power of music within society.


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