La Salle Comtal joins the Primary Music Program

With the start of the 2023-2024 academic year, La Salle Comtal will become part of the Liceu Conservatory’s school network related to the Primary Music program, thanks to the Foundation's patronage. With this new member, five schools have now joined the program: three schools in the Besòs neighborhood, since the 2016-17 school year (Santíssima Trinitat, Bon Pastor and l'Esperança); Escola Pia Sant Antoni, in the Sant Antoni neighborhood, since the 2021-22 academic year; and La Salle Comtal, this academic year.

At La Salle Comtal, in the Ciutat Vella district, nearly 50% of students have special educational needs because of disadvantaged socio-economic or socio-cultural backgrounds. 35% of students belong to one of the 32 different nationalities who spend time with the students of Spanish nationality. The arrival of new students from all over the world throughout the year is permanent, and attending to these children who do not speak our languages is yet another challenge for the school’s day-to-day life. Thanks to the common language of music, which knows no boundaries, integration and communication between children can be improved.

Thanks to Primary Music, a didactic program with its corresponding material is provided for all 1st and 2nd grade boys and girls, so they can participate in a cantata from the Liceu Family Cycle. At the same time, thanks to the Foundation’s patronage, a team of four teachers from the Liceu Conservatory will offer instrument workshops with percussion and guitars, and the school will be equipped with an annually expanded bank of instruments.

The Primary Music program will gradually grow, incorporating new classes every year, and in 2026-27 all the primary school students of La Salle Comtal will be able to play an instrument with the help of the Liceu Conservatory’s teaching staff, sing in large format chorus productions and enjoy music as a common good for society.

Identifying the music skills and motivation thanks to the assessment of 100% of the first and second grade students will pave the way for a scholarship program offered by the Foundation, from the third year onwards, for all the children who can take the Basic Level of the Liceu Conservatory’s academic program, which includes the subjects of musical language, choral singing, and instrument. Those who obtain a scholarship to study at the Professional Music Center (in Urquinaona) will have their own instrument on loan from the Foundation so that they can keep on practicing at home.


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