The Liceu Cambra 2021-2022: Masterclasses & Concerts will kick off with Stefan Dohr

Stefan Dohr

According to the New York Chronicle, Dohr is “the king of his instrument”, one of the best horn players in the world.

As every year, the Liceu Conservatory hosts a great music and educational event: the Liceu Cambra, a small festival within the conservatory where students have the chance to play side by side with the great figures of our time.

The 2021-2022 edition of the Liceu Cambra will kick off with masterclasses by Stefan Dohr, first horn of the Berlin Philharmonic, scheduled for October 5 and 6, at 4pm, at the auditorium of the Liceu Conservatory. You can find all the information on the conservatory’s website.


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