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We believe that art is not only a goal, but the way to move forward together. We fill concert halls, but also lives.

From the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation we would like to highlight the Liceu
Conservatory’s social foundations in the context of a world where we need to keep on fighting against inequality. For instance, we should remember that the Conservatory promoted the construction of the Gran Teatre in 1847 to finance free education.

The Liceu Conservatory is the cradle of music education in Catalonia, and
philanthropy and patronage are critical for the institution’s birth and development.

<< Video of the speech made by Mr. Sergi Ferrer-Salat, chairman of the Liceu Conservatory and the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation >>

A good piano, drums, an amplifier or just a space with proper soundproofing can give the student the artistic freedom that he or she needs to become a musician. To this end, the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation oversees the constant updating and improvement of the Liceu Conservatory facilities.


2014 – Purchase of 46 Yamaha pianos and a Lyon & Heal harp.

2015 – Computerization of the assignment and reservation of study classrooms, and purchase of a marimba.

2016 – Purchase of an English horn, three drums, five stereo systems and a double bass.

2017 – Purchase of a Yamaha grand piano.

2018 – Purchase of a viola by Marinus Cappichioni, Fecit Arimini A. D. 1966.

2019 – Purchase of an Italian violin by Raffaele & Antonio Gagliano, Naples, c. 1800 – Tarid #: 84,846.

2021 – Purchase of a Charles Adolphe Gand cello, Paris, 1854.

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Presentation of the Charles Adolphe Gand cello (Paris, 1854) by cellist Erica Wise.


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