A new school within the Primary Music social program

Last year, Escola Pia Sant Antoni in Barcelona joined the Primary Music program promoted by the Foundation in collaboration with the Liceu Conservatory Foundation and the Parish Schools Foundation of the Archdiocese of Barcelona, dedicated to the social integration of the most underprivileged environments through music.

There are now four primary schools located in Barcelona neighbourhoods at high risk of social exclusion that have joined the project since its inception in 2016-2017: Escola Bon Pastor, in the Bon Pastor neighbourhood; Col·legi Santíssima Trinitat, in the Trinitat Vella neighbourhood; Escola l’Esperança, in the Baró de Viver neighbourhood; and more recently Escola Pia Sant Antoni, in the Sant Antoni neighbourhood.

Thanks to this program we work so that children from families without resources are not excluded from music learning, which is key to their cognitive and socio-affective development, and which also contributes to reducing school failure.

The program allows teachers from the Liceu Conservatory to teach extra music lessons and provides a bank of instruments to motivate students and encourage them to actively participate in the classes.

Later, at the end of the primary school cycle and depending on their development, students can continue their music studies outside of school thanks to the collaboration between the Foundation and the Liceu Conservatory.

Positive impact from the project’s inception

Currently, after having completed a full six-year cycle of Primary Music education, we must add the 75 new first-year students from Escola Pia Sant Antoni to the 539 first-to-sixth-year students from Col·legi Santíssima Trinitat, Escola l’Esperança and Escola Bon Pastor, who participated in the program. All of them explore, develop, and enhance their artistic skills following the Conservatory’s methodology.

On the other hand, the bank of instruments has provided 211 pieces, including wind instruments, keyboards, drums, and other percussion instruments.

We should also point out that, once the primary cycle is completed, students receive the Basic Level diploma and, if they wish, they can take the entrance exam to continue their training at the Liceu Professional Music Centre and access the 1st year of the Professional Degree thanks to a scholarship from the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation.


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