The privilege of playing a period instrument

Period instruments

The Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation puts an end to 2021 by offering four instruments of great historical value to scholarship recipients currently pursuing Higher Music Studies at the Liceu Conservatory of Barcelona.

The Foundation owns these unique pieces —some of which are true relics—, and, to promote artistic development, offers students who stand out for their excellence the opportunity to play extraordinary and first-rate instruments in accordance with their musical and performing qualities throughout an entire academic year.

The musician’s talent blends with the uniqueness of the instrument, and both become the main characters of one same story.

Unique instruments

On this occasion, they are all bowed string instruments: a 1769 Johannes Theodorus Cuypers violin has been offered to a third-year student and a 1798 Joseph Gagliano filius Nicolai violin to a fourth-year student.

Another fourth-year student will be able to play a unique instrument, even though less old: a 1966 Marinus Capichioni viola. Finally, a 1854 Charles Adolphe Ghent cello has been offered to a third-year student.

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