Reina Sofía Prize for Musical Composition
Reina Sofía Prize for Musical Composition




Reina Sofía Prize for Musical Composition


1. The prize will be €35,000.

2. The contestants must have Spanish nationality or residence in Spain.

3. The musical composition that opts for this Prize, intended for symphonic music, must be designed for an orchestra with maximum components of: 3 flutes (also piccolo); 3 oboes (also English horn); 3 clarinets (also bass clarinet); 3 bassoons (also contrabassoon); 4 tubes; 3 trumpets; 3 trombones; 1 tuba; 1 small drum; 4 percussionists; harp; piano or celesta; 16 first violins; 14 second violins; 12 violas; 10 cellos; 8 double basses, leaving to the free choice of the composer the incorporation of choir, soloists and / or electroacoustic means. The genre and duration of the work are of free choice.

4. Each composer may present a single work - and a single printed copy, not on CD -, without restrictions due to age.

5. In order to preserve the anonymity of the composer, the work will be presented with a title and a pseudonym of the author as the only identifying data. An envelope externally identified with the title of the work and the pseudonym will be attached to the score. Inside the envelope the name, surname, address, CV, a high-resolution photograph, the author's contact telephone number and a photocopy of the documentation proving Spanish nationality or residence must be included. A signed declaration will also be attached, certifying that the work presented has not been previously published or premiered, neither in a public concert, nor with the current title, nor with any other. Only the name of the prize-winning composer will be made public. The original score will remain, until the granting of the prize, in the possession of the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation, which reserves the right to keep the number of copies it deems appropriate.

6. The score must be properly bound and perfectly legible. The score must be delivered with acknowledgment of receipt or sent by certified post, with the mention “XXXVIII Reina Sofía Prize for Musical Composition”, until December 31, 2020, at the registered office of the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation, Diagonal 549, 5th floor, 08029 Barcelona.

7. In the event that after the submission of the work, and before the decision of the Jury, the work wins a prize in another contest, the participant must immediately communicate this fact to the Foundation since it would automatically invalidate their participation in the contest.

8. The decision of the Jury will be made public before February 28, 2021.

9. The Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation reserves the right, not exclusively, to carry out one or more auditions of the awarded work, without profit, within 6 months from the request to the author, which must be made within of the month following the awarding of the Prize. The Foundation will endeavour to have the award-winning work premiered. The Foundation reserves the right to decide the interpreters who will disseminate the awarded work.

10.The Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation has no financial interest in the exploitation of the awarded work and only with the altruistic intention of collaborating in its dissemination, reserves the right to publish it on the online platforms of iTunes and Spotify and whose link will be located on the Foundation's website.

11.The Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation is exempt from any liability derived from plagiarism or any other transgression of the current legislation on intellectual property in Spain that the participants may incur with their works.

12. In the event that the presented work incorporates musical fragments or texts not owned by the author (except if they are made in the form of a quote or citation, under the terms of article 32 of the IPL or the Intellectual Property Law), these fragments or texts should appear written in the score and materials. Likewise, the corresponding permits must be accredited. In any case, the responsibility will be solely and exclusively of the authors.

13. Property rights will remain with the author. Each time the award-winning work is performed, in the program, and after the work's title, "XXXVIII Reina Sofía Prize for Musical Composition from the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation" must be stated.

14.The Jury will be appointed by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation advised by its Musical Committee. The Jury may, unanimously, declare the Prize void if the quality of the works presented is not considered sufficient. In this case, the Board of Trustees may delegate to the Jury the power to grant the Reina Sofía Prize to a composer in recognition of all his work. The Jury reserves the right to indicate other compositions worth mentioning. The decisions of the Jury will be final.

15. The award-winning work will be performed, as a worldwide premiere, by the Spanish Radio and Television Orchestra at the end of 2021. Once it has been performed, and during the same act, the awarding ceremony for the "XXXVIII Reina Sofía Prize for Musical Composition" will take place.

16. The non-winning works will be returned by post to the composers within two months of the decision and whenever the participants request it.

17. The winner of the Reina Sofía Prize for Musical Composition will be appointed composer of the Xarxa de Músiques de Catalunya, at the circuit of concerts of the Joventuts Musicals de Catalunya, during the season following the awarding of the prize. This appointment involves the commission of two chamber music works for two different formations. These formations will be freely chosen by the composer from among the participating groups in that season of the Xarxa de Músiques.

18. The assignment will be granted a total amount of € 5,000 (included in the overall amount of the Prize). The two works will be premiered in the same Xarxa de Músiques and will be performed in each and every one of the concerts that the chosen formations perform on the circuit.

19. Receiving the Reina Sofía Prize for Musical Composition assumes acceptance of this commission and compliance with the terms and deadlines agreed between the composer, the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation and Joventuts Musicals de Catalunya.


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