The names of the winners of the 2024 JONDE and Ferrer-Salat Scholarships are revealed

You can look up the official list of the deserving musicians of the 2024 JONDE and Ferrer-Salat Scholarships here:

Rocío Bolaños Del Pozo – Flute

Beltrán Calderón Bosom – Cello

Ignacio Cano Raboso – Oboe

Elizabeth Cerra Conroy – Harp

Manuel Díaz Asencio – Clarinet

Pablo Díaz Díaz Clarin – Clarinet

Jesús Díez Gallego – French horn (high)

Pablo Figueras Fernández – Double Bass

Pau Galgo García – Double Bass

Alba García García – Trumpet

Fermín García Menéndez – Cello

Marc García Payà – Oboe

Jorge Lars Gènova Roldán- Violin

Óscar Lerma Barrero – Violin

Joan López De Soria Homar – Violin

Manuel Martí López – Viola

Andrés Martos Guerrero – Trumpet

Manuel Merino Almazán – Violin

Marc Monfort Tena – Flute

Gemma Montón Super – Violin Héctor Mora Cano Trombón – Tenor trombone

Jorge Mora Molina – Percussion

Mª Victoria Muñoz Zaragozá – Oboe

Gonzalo Palau Fernández – Flute

Álvaro Parrón Hidalgo – French horn (high)

Markel Pérez Etxarri – Percussion

Manuel Pérez Morodo – Violin

Jaume Pérez Ripoll Trombón – Tenor trombone

Jairo Rodríguez Visuerte – Cello

Raquel Roldán I Montserrat – Viola

Blanca Albert Vañó – Violin

Uxue Sansiñena Blanco – Double Bass

Álvaro Vázquez Osa – Cello

Xabier Gullón Elgarresta – Clarinet

The Selection Committee, appointed by the Joven Orquesta Nacional de España (JONDE) and chaired by Jesús Rueda, the artistic director of the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation, has announced today the winners of the II edition of the JONDE and Ferrer-Salat Scholarships. For the second consecutive year, and thanks to the collaboration agreement between the Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM) and the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation, we award these 30 new scholarships for projects by JONDE musicians.

Each of these scholarships is endowed with an economic contribution of €8,000 gross to support the artistic growth of 30 young musicians who are part of the Joven Orquesta Nacional de España (JONDE). Unlike other music scholarships, this amount may be used for an ongoing or future project. Therefore, among the selection criteria, the jury has assessed whether this scholarship will make a decisive contribution to the artistic development of their project or training proposal.

The Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation would like to congratulate all the musicians for their candidacies, and also thank the winners of this second edition for the opportunity they give us to continue materializing our goal of generating opportunities and social justice through music.

This scholarship program, which was launched last year and joins others by the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation, follows our logic of joining forces with consolidated institutions that ensure the utmost rigor, to support and promote the artistic excellence of young musicians with extraordinary talent, during their formative years.



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