The Voll-Damm Barcelona Jazz Festival is back with the patronage of the Foundation

In line with our commitment to build a more sensitive society, where culture stimulates and improves our experience as human beings, the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation once again collaborates with this year’s 54th edition of the Voll-Damm Barcelona International Jazz Festival.

Music has been, is and will always be a tool for the progress of a cohesive and open society, thanks to its great transforming power. With the aim of promoting this clear vision and thanks to the patronage of the Foundation, the Liceu Conservatory once again will be one of the main venues of the city’s current jazz scene, hosting part of the program of this edition of the event.
The Barcelona International Jazz Festival is a global standard in the genre, the result of constant and meticulous work to balance out the leading figures with upcoming artists in a line-up that is always appealing.

This collaboration not only brings the performances of leading figures and internationally renowned artists closer to all audiences, so we can enjoy their music and share their passion for jazz, but also includes a program of masterclasses for students of the Liceu Conservatory, which is a unique opportunity for them to share the stage with their idols and learn in person.

In the Foundation we work so that music is useful and easily accessible for everyone. It’s a cornerstone for change and we want to bring it out of the display cabinet and the main concert halls. To this effect, we are inspired by a quote from writer and clergyman Henry van Dyke, which is also the motto of this year’s festival: “Jazz music was invented by demons for the torture of imbeciles”.

According to Joan Anton Cararach, artistic director of the festival, this popular and striking conclusion is, in fact, an irony related to “the prevailing and historical marginality of jazz, a music that is sincere and uncompromising above the rest, and for that very reason, always exciting and astonishing”. The Barcelona Jazz Festival is back for its annual event and will offer the public, in Cararach’s words, “a music of resistance”.

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